United Kingdom | Winston Churchill: There is one bond which unites us all

“I stand at the head of a government representing all parties in the state. All creeds, all classes, every recognisable section of opinion … we are supported by a free parliament and a free press, but there is one bond which unites us all, and sustains us in the public regard, namely – as is increasingly becoming known – that we are prepared to proceed to all extremity, to endure them and to enforce them. That is our bond of union.”
Winston Churchill, 14 July 1940

“I have full confidence that if all do their duty the worst of this crisis can be averted. Let our opponents do their worst. We will do our best. We will prevail.”

Investors take inspiration from Churchill

Winston Churchill “rose to the challenges presented by international emergencies. That is to say, we consider his forthright approach to extreme adversity apropos. Given the lack of societal and investor response to climate change relative to the scale of the threat it presents, we hope to motivate more of the ESG community to act in accordance with their values by invoking his leadership.”
Channelling the spirit of Winston Churchill, by Paul Dickinson (Executive Chair, CDP), Robert Schwarz (Senior Associate, Preventable Surprises) and Raj Thamotheram (CEO, Preventable Surprises)

“Investors, like governments and companies, have been alerted to the dangers of uncontrolled climate change for two or more decades. As a consequence of our collective neglect, society now faces the procrastinator’s penalty: there are only radical solutions from which to choose.”
Climate ‘Churchill’

» Responsible Investor – 6 March 2015:
Op-Ed: Winston Churchill: the ESG community must fight climate change with massive stewardship push
“The British war time leader speaks up in spirit on the investment sustainability battle ahead. By Winston Churchill”

“No war is risk free. No warrior victorious without courage. Collective efforts and shared goals can achieve much. It is no use saying, we are doing our best. Sometimes you have to do what is necessary.
Further considerations include your existing position of privilege and unparalleled access to information regarding the consequences of climate change. Being among the most highly paid in society, the former affords you freedom from having to bear the blood, toil, tears, and sweat that many are already facing, and that many more are certain to face as a result of unchecked climate change. With great privilege comes great responsibility. The latter benefit of knowledge obliges you to act ethically. Complacence is not illegal, though it may be equally disastrous.”
Climate ‘Churchill’

» Responsible Investor – 10 March 2015:
Op-Ed 2: Winston Churchill: the steps responsible investors must take to prevail on climate change


“We shall fight on the seas and oceans, we shall fight … in the air … we shall fight on the beaches … we shall fight in the fields and in the streets, we shall fight in the hills; we shall never surrender.”
Winston Churchill


“The quote is adapted only slightly from Winton Churchill’s famous 1940 speech. That call helped change the course of WW2 and history. This call is in sympathy and support for the May 2016 #BreakFree campaign by 350.org (and other organisations round the world) – to expand action in getting global emissions cut.

This is a call for serious engagement of minds and hearts, a push for effective actions, in all countries.
It is a call for members to expand their actions, especially in all theatres of society that they reach – communicating the basics of the challenge and the urgently needed paths forward.”

Winston Churchill, 1940
Winston Churchill, 1940