Canada | The Leap Manifesto: Call for a leap to prevent catastrophic global warming

In Canada, a ‘Leap Manifesto’ of more than 32,000 signatories was launched in January 2016 in support of a rapid, “justice-based” energy transition to a renewable economy.

The manifesto advocates a “great transition” in energy conversion — a leap — to “prevent catastrophic global warming,” and denounces Canada’s record on climate change as “a crime against humanity’s future.” It was launched to popularise the ideas of Canadian author Naomi Klein’s influential book on climate change, ‘This Changes Everything’.

The Leap Manifesto calls for varied measures toward the goal of a society “caring for one another and caring for the planet.” The list is headed by respect for Indigenous people’s “inherent rights and title” to the land; immediate action for a 100% clean economy by 2050; and a halt to “infrastructure projects that lock us into increased extraction decades into the future.”

“The manifesto has proved its capacity to unite a broad range of social forces and to pose the challenge of climate justice within the mainstream organizations of Canadian working people. It is an eloquent contribution to the debate the Trudeau government is initiating on a national climate action plan,” wrote John Riddell.

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“We call on all those seeking political office to seize this opportunity and embrace the urgent need for transformation.”
The Leap Manifesto