Australia | Adam Bandt: We are in the middle of a climate emergency

» The Australian Greens – 2 May 2016:
Adam Bandt: “We are in the middle of a climate emergency” (Video on Facebook)


This petition is not affiliated with any political party. We welcome support from all political parties. An effective emergency response needs support across the political spectrum.

As the quotes on this page document, senators and leaders of The Greens acknowledge, along with American presidential candidate Bernie Sanders and the world’s scientists, that, (quote: Adam Bandt), “we are in the middle of a climate emergency.”

We hope the message from The Greens – as well as from the climate-campaigning party Save the Planet – will inspire the other political parties to face the truth and the urgency of this matter and start to advocate for the only thing which makes common sense now: a national and non-partisan climate emergency declaration.

It cannot be underlined too often that an effective emergency response needs support across the entire political spectrum.


“We are facing a national climate emergency, and the two old parties are stuck in the past – they’re still opening new coal mines, signing the death warrant of the Great Barrier Reef and throwing billions of dollars in tax breaks at the fossil fuel industry. Australia needs political leaders with the courage to chart a different course.”
Richard Di Natale​, senator and leader of The Greens – writing on his Facebook profile on 27 April 2016

“What we’re experiencing now are political leaders in this country who are standing by while our natural heritage is being destroyed, standing by while our children are being robbed of their future prosperity and standing by while a national emergency is unfolding.”
Richard Di Natale​, senator and leader of The Greens – in his National Press Club Address on 27 April 2016

“If this election is to be about one thing, it has to be about who has the courage, who has the vision, to stand up to the big polluters, to take the necessary action to prevent catastrophic global warming, and to transition our economy away from those industries that brought us prosperity over the last century, but won’t deliver us future prosperity going into this century.”
Richard Di Natale, senator and leader of The Greens – in his National Press Club Address on 27 April 2016 [7:49–8:11]

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“We are in a climate crisis”
Larissa Waters, Senator, The Greens

Australian Greens stand with Australian leaders calling for emergency action on global warming

Media-release 23 June 2016 | Larissa Waters

The Australian Greens have backed a statement by 24 prominent Australians calling for ‘emergency-scale action’ on dangerous global warming.

Australian Greens Deputy Leader, Senator Larissa Waters said, “We are running out of time to save our Great Barrier Reef, protect our rural communities, safeguard our way of life and avert a global warming catastrophe.

“Dangerous global warming is not just an environmental issue. It threatens our children’s future and it’s unfolding before our eyes.

“The solutions to global warming, like clean energy jobs, protecting our ancient forests and greening our cities, will make life better for everyone.

“The Greens have articulated an ambitious, detailed plan to make Australia cleaner, fairer and more secure with 90% clean energy by 2030, no new coal mines or fracking, and tens of thousands of new jobs.

“Only the Greens want to end the $21 billion in fossil fuel subsidies and the corrosive influence of fossil fuel donations on our politics.

“The Paris climate agreement is a historic first step, but without a rapid transition to clean energy, we risk serious ever more serious fire, drought, extreme weather, conflict and global instability,” Senator Waters said.